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Add A Splash of Cider To Your Barbeques

Add A Splash of Sandford Orchards Cider To Your Barbeques This Summer 25-05-2022

Ask any Briton when, in their opinion, it is appropriate to fire up the BBQ and start grilling and you’ll get a range of answers. On one end of the scale, you have the hardy types who will tell you that it’s when the thermometer barely reaches double figures. More conservative cooks will urge you to wait until its officially summer, when the sun is beating down and you need to apply sunscreen just to grill the sausages, halloumi or any other BBQ-worthy foods (that’s a debate for another blog).

Either way, we at Sandford Orchards are a saucy bunch: you cannot simply BBQ without some form of condiment. According to a recent poll from a major UK tabloid last summer, the UK’s undisputed favourite sauce is tomato ketchup, closely followed by mayonnaise, with BBQ sauce a distant third.

The Smoke and Fire Festival partners with Sandford Orchards

Smoke & Fire

We’re delighted to be named a partner of this year’s Smoke and Fire festival, the UK’s largest BBQ and event that celebrates all things outdoor eating and cooking over coals, combined with live music and a mini real ale and cider festival.

The festival will take place at two locations throughout the summer, including in Ascot on 30-31 July and Colchester on 20-21 August. Two weekends of outdoor eating, cider drinking, live music and enjoying yourself with friends and family – sounds like a dream!

The perfect Cider and Barbeque pairing

As we all know, cider is the perfect accompaniment to a barbeque. There is something about the light, refreshing taste that goes down a treat after you’ve made a visit (or three!) to the serving table. It is, in our opinion, the quintessential British summer drink and a must for any gathering involving outdoor eating and drinking. Even better would be a barbeque involving Sandford Orchards ciders – we’d recommend partnering cooked barbeque meat with The General for a rich and bold combo, or if you want to experience a classic West Country summer feeling, our Devon Red.

Devon Red Cider and Barbeque

Such is the versatility of cider, it isn’t just the taste that makes it an ideal barbeque drink; it is also its value as a food pairing and even as an ingredient! It is generally accepted that pork is the perfect pairing with cider – both as a drink and also combined to make a tasty sauce. It is quite simple when you think about it; the sweetness of cider combines perfectly with the salty taste of pork to deliver a taste bud sensation.

It isn’t just pork that the drink pairs well with, we are also huge fans of drinking cider with chicken, especially when there is a honey or sweet sauce involved. You could even push the boat out (literally) and try pairing cider with seafood. Our drier ciders would team up nicely with shellfish like prawns and lobster, which also happen to taste amazing when grilled on the barbie.

If reading this has got you in the mood to try your hand at barbequing for friends and family, pay a visit to our friend, Marcus Bawdon at CountryWoodSmoke, who also happens to run BBQ cooking courses at the UK BBQ School if you’re looking to up your BBQ game.

The best ciders for the perfect summer BBQ

Whether or not you plan to attend the Smoke and Fire Festival this summer, at least you’ve got a trove of ideas for your own BBQ this year, whether it is a grill for one or if you have friends over to dazzle with your cider-food pairing knowledge. If you really want to make a splash, you’ll ensure the cider of choice is Sandford Orchards.

Our infatuation with the Great British barbeque doesn’t just stop at the festival. We’re also partnering The BBQ Magazine and will be collaborating with a number of food influencers and experts this summer to help you step up your outdoor cooking game. So next time you light up the coals and gather some friends round, remember: no barbeque is complete without Sandford Orchards cider quenching the thirst.

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