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What is the West Country Cider Style?

What is the West Country Cider Style? If you are reading this, you must have at least a passing interest in cider. I suspect, in that case, that you realise that cider, just like wine, takes many dif... Read More

Fine Cider Pick and Mix Case

What Exactly is Fine Cider?

What Exactly is Fine Cider? We are all familiar with the world of fine wine, made with the finest grapes with the potential to improve as it ages, but what about fine cider? In comparison to fine win... Read More

Apple cider Margarita

Winter Cider Cocktail Recipes

Who said that cocktails were just for summer? Here at Sandford Orchards, we are big fans of a warming cider cocktail. Whilst cider may not be the most common ingredient in a typical cocktail, it can b... Read More

How To Make The Perfect Mulled Cider

Introduction We’re fast approaching our favourite time of year – the festive period. And with that comes Christmas markets, social get-togethers, work parties and all the other things that come t... Read More

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Craft Cider Making Calendar

Intro: There are many important dates in the cidermakers’ calendar, each of which are vital to producing the perfect cider. As well as the well-known processes associated with cidermaking, such as ... Read More

Cider terminology to make you a cider expert

The cidermaking world is full of terminology potentially new to those who don’t work in the industry, and whilst to us these are second nature, some of the terms take some understanding. Of course, ... Read More

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How To Enjoy Craft Cider All Year Round

Amongst consumers, cider is typically seen as a drink for the summer season, perfect for festivals, or a day at the beach or relaxing with friends in the sun. That is reflected in sales of the drink: ... Read More

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Types of cider: Traditional vs Session

Non-cider drinkers may be forgiven for assuming that cider is a drink with little variety or nuance, however as we at Sandford and our cider-literate customers know, that couldn’t be further from th... Read More

Cider Can Being Opened

Cider: Everything you need to know

Cider is typically synonymous with the Southwest regions of the UK and summers spent by the beach, at festivals or in the pub. However, the origins of cider go back a long way, certainly well before t... Read More