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Barny Butterfield

Spring News 2024

Cider Done Right, The Film. We talk about Cider Done Right a lot but it’s hard to explain what that really means in just a few words. That’s why we decided to make a film! So if you want to find ... Read More

Cider Orchard

What is the West Country Cider Style?

What is the West Country Cider Style? If you are reading this, you must have at least a passing interest in cider. I suspect, in that case, that you realise that cider, just like wine, takes many dif... Read More

Cider Apples

Cider Done Right, The Film

Watch our new film... Get a glimpse behind the scenes and discover the people, places and processes involved in making our cider so special. Discover why that makes a difference and why we are Cider ... Read More

Cider Vat

Types of cider: Traditional vs Session

Non-cider drinkers may be forgiven for assuming that cider is a drink with little variety or nuance, however as we at Sandford and our cider-literate customers know, that couldn’t be further from th... Read More

Cider Can Being Opened

Cider: Everything you need to know

Cider is typically synonymous with the Southwest regions of the UK and summers spent by the beach, at festivals or in the pub. However, the origins of cider go back a long way, certainly well before t... Read More

The History of Cider

The History of Cider

Have you ever cracked open a bottle of Sandford Orchards cider and wondered about the history of this wonderful drink? You’re not alone – we are often asked about the origins of cider. Who made it... Read More

Introducing Our Vintage Collection

We are very excited to bring you a brand new collection of ciders. This is our Vintage Collection. To use the term ‘vintage’ as with wine, a cider must declare the year of harvest – every year h... Read More

My First Taste Of Cider

How I Discovered Cider I still meet people who through tragic misfortune, have never tried cider. I can remember the very moment I had my first taste of cider. It was from a polythene bottle, it was ... Read More