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Franklin's Night

Franklin’s Nights – The Battle Between The Devil, The Brewer & Cidermaker

Satan Got His Arse Kicked Last Night! There was no frost, the blossom survived and cider will pour freely in the valley… It’s safe to say that we’re passionate about… Read more »

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The Breakthrough Cider Maker Awards

Why We’ve Launched The Breakthrough Cider Maker Awards

The Secret Of Our Success Not wanting to blow our own trumpet but the rate at which we’ve grown, from a hobby business in 2010 to employing 25+ within ten… Read more »

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Rib Tickler Cider With Exeter Chiefs Rugby Players

Rib Tickler Cider: From Rugby Pitch To Cider Press

The Tale of Rib Tickler Cider: From Rugby Pitch To Cider Press I’m around 14 yards from the try-line, the defending team are crouched and hungry. The referee eyes the… Read more »

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beef sandwich

Six Time Zones To Eat A Roast Beef Sandwich

Would a grown man travel six time zones, just to enjoy a single roast beef sandwich cooked on the city limits in the murder capital of North America? Those who… Read more »

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Harvesting cider apples in Devon

2018 A Vintage Year

Proper Cold, Proper Wet, Proper Hot, Proper Apples This year produced some of the most impressive juice that we’ve ever seen, and all thanks to the weather in Devon getting… Read more »

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Yarlington Mill, On-leaf Cider

On Leaf Fermentation

How an Old Text and Innovations in Wine Making Inspired an Entirely New Cider Making Technique Nearly two years of biting my tongue is over! I am extremely proud to… Read more »

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Demand Devon Cider!

We love our cider in Devon. Did you know that in 2017 we drank over 193,000,000 litres of the stuff? But only 1 in 5 of those pints was actually… Read more »

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Devon Red Soil

There’s Something Special About This Valley

Devon Redlands There’s a certain something about the valley where we live, it’s not by chance that some of the region’s finest food producers are based here in the Creedy… Read more »

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Look Who’s Back!

Secret Cider Society Returns! We’re pleased to announce that Secret Cider is returning next month.  We’re kicking off again on the 28th April with one of SCS’s favourites Hornbrook Kitchen…. Read more »

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Why Cold is Gold for the Cider

More Rain, More Milk Sir My wife’s Grandfather was a dairyman who milked his cows out in the fields. When it rained the churns got a little top-up from mother… Read more »

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