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Cider Recipe Series: BBQ Pulled Pork Belly

Cider Recipe Series: BBQ Pulled Pork Belly

Of all the ways to cook pork, BBQ pulled pork belly has to be the most spectacular. When done right, it can be absolutely epic and a real crowd-pleaser. Scoring the skin, marinading in your favourite ... Read More

Devon Mist & Shellfish

Devon Mist shellfish recipe

Whilst cider is one of the best-known products of Devon, you can also find some of the freshest and most delicious seafood in the west of England. Think Brixham crab, prawns from Dartmouth and lobster... Read More

Autumn BBQ with cider

Autumn BBQ recipes with the best Craft ciders

We’ve been blessed with beautiful weather these past few months, and whilst summer may be coming to a close, hopefully the sunshine will stick around for a while longer. Even if it doesn’t though,... Read More

Add A Splash of Sandford Orchards Cider To Your Barbeques This Summer

Add A Splash of Cider To Your Barbeques

Ask any Briton when, in their opinion, it is appropriate to fire up the BBQ and start grilling and you’ll get a range of answers. On one end of the scale, you have the hardy types who will tell you ... Read More