Cider Done Right, The Film

Cider Apples

Watch our new film…

Get a glimpse behind the scenes and discover the people, places and processes involved in making our cider so special. Discover why that makes a difference and why we are Cider Done Right.

“We know that what we do at Sandford Orchards is pretty special. We are not like your average cider producer but it is sometimes hard to encapsulate those differences. That’s why we enlisted the help of award-winning brand storytelling agency Untold to help us articulate our story and let our drinkers get under Sandford Orchards’ skin.”
Barny Butterfield, Founder and owner of Sandford Orchards.

We’re really proud of this film, a lot of hard work went into making it, the planning for it started almost a year ago, and the British weather didn’t always play ball but it was worth it and we’re really pleased with the final result. We hope that you enjoy it too.


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