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There’s Something Special About This Valley

Devon Red Soil 05-04-2018

Devon Redlands

There’s a certain something about the valley where we live, it’s not by chance that some of the region’s finest food producers are based here in the Creedy Valley. It starts with the vivid red soil that surrounds us. Known as the Devon Redlands, this unique soil dominates the local landscape with its bright red hue. Derived from the red sandstone that lies beneath the Creedy Valley, it not only defines the area through its vibrant colour, but its fertility makes it the agricultural heart of Devon.

The quality of our soil can be seen in the crops it produces and the livestock that it feeds.  Award-winning cattle, cheese, lamb, duck and of course, cider are commonplace in this valley, a perfect combination of terroir and expert farming skills.
Take our neighbours Quickes cheese.

During the pressing season, trailers full of cider apples can be seen driving through the Creedy Valley from the Quicke’s orchards to our apple press, to be returned again once the juice is extracted, as a tasty food source for the cows. It therefore goes without saying that their cheese and our cider are the perfect match.

Pairing cider with food is a practice that goes back many years, in fact The Cider Museum in Hereford  has some great examples of traditional English lead crystal cider flutes, clear evidence of cider’s place at the table.

We’ve taken three of Quicke’s award winning cheeses and selected three of our ciders that compliment their individual tastes.

Hard Goats Cheese & Old Blossom

The elderflower in our Old Blossom is the perfect compliment to the creaminess of Quickes Hard Goat’s Cheese.

Devonshire Red & Old Kirton

The crumbly nuttiness of this cheese goes well with the crisp apple flavours of our traditional straw pressed Old Kirton.

Extra Mature Clothbound Cheddar & Creedy Vintage

The depth of flavour in this Quickes mature cheddar is perfectly matched by our Creedy Vintage.  Both these traditional products are aged for at least 18 months, you can imagine farmworkers of the valley enjoying these two together in years gone by.

So why not take a food trip out along the A377 and into the Creedy Valley, stocking up on cheese and cider as you go!

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