Our Roots

Ground in vivid, red soil; crisscrossed by ancient orchards and bound by its own microclimate, Sandford was created to produce cider.

Our Apples

Our lush green corner of Devon is the finest place on earth to grow cider apples. That’s why we insist that every single apple we use is grown within a 30 mile radius of our press.
No exceptions.
No compromise.

Our Methods

We make cider properly. We take our learnings from the traditional Devonshire cider makers of yesteryear and shape their techniques for the modern era. With a state of the art cider making facility, housed in one of the oldest working cider mills in the country, we adhere to a strict set of values which ensure we always remain True to our Roots. We only ever make cider from naturally fermented, freshly pressed juice. No concentrates, no artificial flavours or aromas.

Our Craft

Sandford is home to the world’s best orchards therefore we only select apples grown within 30 miles of our press. Devon cider means Devon cider apples. We never use cheap, characterless culinary apples. Weird and wonderful Westcountry cider varieties such as Slack Ma Girdle, Farmer’s Glory and Sweet Hangy Downs give us the complex flavours we need to make great cider. We value quality over quantity which is why our orchards are farmed for maximum flavour, not maximum yield. Sustainability is everything. With fruit sourced from over 200 acres of unsprayed, heritage orchards we afford our environment the same deference and care that it affords our apples.

Our Promise

Our ciders need time to develop before we are satisfied they are ready to be enjoyed. Every pint of Sandford Orchards is blended from cider aged between 6 months and 3 years to develop the rich, delicious flavours that make our ciders so special.

Our Mission

Every drop of Sandford Orchards cider is made by us. The Cider Works, originally built in 1935 for The Creedy Valley Cider Company is our home. This beautiful old building has been the beating heart of Devon cider for nearly a century and we are extremely proud to have restored it to its true purpose as we continue on our mission to make Devon cider great again.

Barny Butterfield
Chief Cidermaker