Sandford Orchards is committed to working to promote responsible drinking and to discourage misuse of our products. We are also committed to ensuring our content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube is responsible. Please read our guidelines below for specifics on posting comments and photos to our page.

We will remove comments and photos if:

  • The comment is by a person under the legal drinking age, or a photo features someone who is (or appears to be) under the legal drinking age.
  • It discusses drinking by anyone under the legal drinking age in a positive light.
  • It portrays over-consumption or irresponsible drinking in a positive light.
  • It endorses drinking whilst driving, operating any type of machinery, or engaging in any other type of activity that requires concentration to avoid injury.
  • It implies that drinking alcohol results in any type of medical benefits or aids a person sexually.
  • It implies that any drink is good because it has a high alcohol content.
  • It condemns anyone who chooses not to drink alcohol.
  • It discusses drinking alcohol in relation to any type of illegal or anti-social behaviour.
  • It contains offensive language or gestures; or could be seen as offensive on the basis of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion or culture, or is a personal attack on another user, individual or company.
    Sandford Orchards reserves the right to adjust this policy as needed and to delete comments or photos for reasons not stated in this list.